To-may-toes, To-mah-toes: What Our Flagship Greenhouse Grows

On October 22, 2019, we broke ground on our first high-tech indoor farm in Morehead, KY and exclusively on the menu: tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a staple for most Americans, as the market continues to see growth year after year. While tomatoes are warm-season crops, there’s no doubt they offer versatility year-round, from fresh summer salads to warm winter chilis.

Because tomatoes are climate-sensitive, most of the tomatoes we consume in the U.S. come from warmer regions, like Mexico. In 2019, Mexico accounted for almost 90% of tomato imports to the country.

At AppHarvest, our tomatoes are grown in the heart of Appalachia, which gives us the opportunity to reach 70% of the U.S. population in a day’s drive. That means our tomatoes spend more time ripening on the vine and less time traveling from our farm to your table.

Plus, since our greenhouse is climate-controlled, we can grow tomatoes year-round without compromising product quality or product taste!

We’ve started small with just two varieties of tomatoes, but as we expand to 12 greenhouses by 2025, we plan to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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