Hand-Picked Stories, Fresh from ‘The Vine’

You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built in the human plan. We come with it.

Margaret Atwood 

Jess Gilmore, Manager of Enterprise Storytelling

From birth, we are instinctually drawn to storytelling. It all boils down to survival: we pass down knowledge we gain from our personal experiences, because our brains are programmed to cooperate, connect and collectively thrive within a society. 

Though we don’t use stories as a main source of survival anymore—those moral-of-the-story parables passed down from generation to generation—they still play a huge role in how we connect and empathize with others. 

Everything around us is a story, if we choose to listen closely enough. 

Bedtime stories. 
Cautionary fables. 
Tall tales. 
Our life stories. 

As the Manager of Enterprise Storytelling at AppHarvest, I know a thing or two about telling a good tale. I’ve spent my career honing my technical skills. I’ve read stories upon stories about storytelling. But the biggest thing I’ve learned isn’t anything I picked up in a book or Googled extensively. It’s not an overly complicated formula and it doesn’t take years of practice to understand. 

 It’s simple; stories are what make us human.  

Whether we’re in search of information, entertainment, escapism, or genuine connection, there’s always a good story to captivate us and satisfy our needs. 

And that’s my role here: to tell damn good stories. 

Welcome to The Vine, AppHarvest’s newest storytelling platform.  

A brand or an organization is a living, breathing thing. Every brand, big and small, started with a human who had a story and shared that story with other humans to unite them behind a common mission. 

The AppHarvest story started with our CEO Jonathan Webb’s vision for a company that aims to redefine traditional agriculture to create a more reliable and resilient global food system. And we’ve continued to grow from there. 

550+ team members. 
60 completed acres of high-tech indoor farm. 
12 farms planned by 2025. 
One mission-based company focused on planet, people and social impact. 

We have no shortage of tales to tell as we continue our mission to create the AgTech capital of the American heartland. 

Follow along with us as we share all the great updates coming out of AppHarvest and the humans within who have stories to tell. 

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